The Future of Panthers

19 MAR 2017 | BY NICK DENT

With the upcoming AGM, I thought I would take the opportunity to acknowledge and thank Chris and Steve for their contribution to the club over the past decade plus. Without either of them, the club would not exist as it does today. Both of their passion and dedication to Panthers, as well as volleyball in this state, is to be commended.

At the AGM, both Chris and Steve, along with myself, will be stepping down from our positions on the committee. We have all reached stages of our lives where we have other priorities and no longer have the time available to run the club with the dedication and passion we have in the past.

As such, with the hope of refreshing the direction of Panthers as a club, the three of us will not be standing for re-election at the upcoming AGM. If insufficient nominations are received the existing committee will:
• Allow teams to enter in competitions under the Panthers name and provide uniforms and balls. However, there will need to be at a minimum 8 players per team and there will be no further assistance provided (no coaching, no player coordination, etc.). Trainings and matches will need to be coordinated by those in the team. The Southern Cross Stadium booking on Mondays will be maintained until such time as it is no longer being used. It should be noted that at this stage there are not enough players registered for this option to work;
• Amalgamate Panthers with another club; or
• Wind the club up.

As one of the oldest clubs in Canberra the current committee’s strong preference is for several people to nominate and take over the running of Panthers. A minimum of a President, Secretary and Treasurer is required. However, as they say, many hands make light work. We feel that it is in everyone’s interest if we are open and honest about the potential outcomes should there be insufficient nominations.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM on Monday, 10 April.


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